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Shopper Discounts & Rewards is an online savings programme ideal for those who shop online regularly. As a member you can claim on-going rewards as well as discounted gift cards and 10% cashback at over 1000 online stores. We have created these FAQs to help you, or simply contact our team on 0800 731 9935 or customerservice@shopperdiscountsandrewards.co.uk. Shopper Discounts  & Rewards is free for 30 days and renews automatically for a monthly fee unless you cancel before the end of your trial. 

Want to save money on your online shopping? Shopper Discounts & Rewards proposes exclusive benefits from the largest retailers in UK. Don't miss them out. 



My Benefits

Welcome Reward
Get a cashback reward when you join Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

Monthly Bonus
Get extra cashback every month, when you shop with one of our online retailers.

Minimum 10% Cashback on purchases with any of our retailers.

Gift Cards
Save up to 20% off Gift Cards on many high street brands.